Let Wisconsin Golf

Let Wisconsin Golf

March 25, 2020
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Started by Doug O'Reilly

While the intention of the COVID-19 "Safer at Home" order makes sense it does not make sense that public parks will remain open but golf courses will be closed.  Golf by nature of the game and with limited modifications can comply completely with the intent of the "Safer at Home" designation.  With these difficult times people need to get out, get some walks and health (physical and mental) while still following the rules in place. 

Many states with Shelter in place or Safer at Home are allowing golf rounds, with modification to take place.

The business and maintenance of the golf course must continue to be done or they will "lose the course".  For them to do this without any income coming in will ruin them.  

As a solution what we ask is the following:

  • Allow golf courses to stay open.
  • Payment must take place electronically.
  • Club houses will NOT remain open.
  • Flag sticks will NOT be used.
  • Holes will be placed two inches above the ground so no one touches a hole.
  • No golf carts will be allowed.
  • All rules of social distancing must be followed.


This petition made change with 67,204 supporters!

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