Justice for Jacob Blake

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On August 23rd, just after 5:00 PM, Kenosha police responded to a domestic violence call in the 2800 block of 40th street. A fight had allegedly broken out that they were to investigate. 

Jacob Blake, 29, is said to have been trying to stop the fight. However, police assumed he was part of the violence, and began pushing him around.

When he just walked away from the police and attempted to get in his car, at least one officer grabbed onto his shirt and shot him 7 times in the back. The incident was caught on video and is circulating around the internet.

As of Sunday night, Blake is in critical condition.

Our country has been fighting to combat police brutality harder than ever before throughout the past few months. Despite all of the awareness brought to the issue, not enough has been done to change. It’s an ongoing battle we still have to keep fighting.

Although the identities of the officers who were on the scene have not yet been released, none of them deserve to get off without punishment. We are calling that all of those involved have legal action taken against them and are arrested. 

No defenseless human being, regardless of skin color, deserves to be grabbed the way that Blake was and shot 7 times in the back.

Jacob Blake deserves justice.