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Uluru Bark Petition - Marriage is Sacred


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About the Petition
The heart of the Uluru Bark Petition states that marriage between man and woman is, and has always been, sacred to the oldest living culture on earth. The Petition adds that fathers and mothers – who are deeply honoured in Aboriginal culture – also form the “foundation of our families, clans and systems, and pass down our teachings, our culture, our traditions, from generation to generation.” 

WE now invite signatures from both indigenous and non-indigenous Australians to come forward and stand with us [to] preserve our culture and heritage.

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Uluru Bark Petition - Bark Petition
To the Prime Minister and the Parliament from the Aboriginal People of Australia and being undersigned by members of the Argan, Arrernte, Bidjara, Biripi, Bundjalung, Bunuba, Dunggatti, Erub, Gidja, Githabul, Gooniyandi, Gumbainggir, Juggera, Jaru, Juru, Kabi-Kabi-Waka-Waka, Kamilaroi, Karajarri, Kaylagal, Koara, Kooma, Luritja, Mamu, Mangala, Mantjintjarra, Mara, Meriam Mir, Munjunjarli, Ngaanyatjarra, Noongar, Nyawaygi, Nyigina, Pitjantjatjara, Wadi-Wadi, Wagilak, Walawurru, Walmatjarri, Wangkumara, Wiradjuri, Wongatha, Wooroora, Wuthathi, Yankuntjatjara, Yidingi-Mbabaram, Yidingi-Mullen-Barra, Balardung tribes and people groups, representing the Aboriginal People of Australia, hereby declare:

  1. Manta nyanga Australiala aṉangu tjuṯa ngaṉmanypa mulapa nyinangi iritinguṟu manta walytjangka, piṟanpa tjuṯa pitjanytja kuwaripangka.

    The Aboriginal People of Australia are the original inhabitants and the first Nation people of this great southern land Australia.

  2. Aṉangu ngura kutjupitja kutjupitja nyinangi wangka walytjatjara walytjatjara munuya tjananku tjukurpa kanyiningi tjanampa alatjiṯu rawa mulapa. Kaya manta winkitjangku kulilpai nganampa aṟa tjuṯa irititja mulapa kutjupa uwankarangka waintaṟa.

    Our continuing cultures and traditions are 1,000’s of years old and are recognised as the oldest on Earth.

  3. Nganaṉa ngura kutjupitja kutjupitja tjuṯa nyinanyi ngura kutjupangka kutjupangka, aṟa kutjupangka kutjupangka, palu ngaṉana uwankarangku kulilpai ngunytjunguṟu mamanguṟu tjukaṟuru nyinanytjikitjangku panya ngunytju munu mama pula kuriṟara alatjiṯu nyinara tjitjitjararinganyi munu pula aṯunymaṟa kanyini.

    Although Aboriginal People come together as one nation through many different self-governing language and kinship groups with unique cultures and traditions, the sanctity of marriage between man and woman continues to be held in honour among all.

  4. Nganaṉa waḻkulpai tjitji tjukaṟurungku mamanguṟutja munu ngunytjunguṟutja paluṟu pula kuriṟa mulapa nyinanyangka, ka walytjapiṯi tjuṯangku ngurkantaṟa kunpu kanyini, mamanguṟu munu ngunytjunguṟu, panya mamangku ngunytjungku nganampa aṟa tjuṯa tjitji tjuṯangka tjakultjunkupai maḻatja maḻatja tjuṯa ninti nyinanytjaku.

    Our Fathers and Mothers are also honoured and form the foundation of our families, clans and systems, and pass down our teachings, our culture, our traditions, from generation to generation.

  5. Kuwariya piṟanpa kutjupatjara mukuringanyi aṟa kutjupa palyantjikitja watingku wati aḻṯinytjaku munu kungkangku kungka aḻṯinytjaku. Aṟa nyangatja palya wiya panya iritinguṟu alatjiṯu ngaṉana wiṟu nyinakatingi watiṟara munu minymaṟara pula kuriṟara.

    It is therefore an affront to the Aboriginal People of Australia to suggest another definition of marriage.

  6. Ka nganaṉa aṉangu tjuṯangku kamantangka puḻkaṟa wangkanyi aṟa nyanga palunya wiyanmankunytjaku munu wantinytjaku alatjiṯu.
    Nyangatja panya tjukurpa puḻka mulapa watingku kungka aḻṯinytja munu tjitjitjararingkunytja. Nyanga palulanguṟu kutju aṟa palya ngaṟanyi iritinguṟu munu kuwarikutu, kala mukuringanyi nyura nganampa kamantangku aṟa nyanga palunya rawangku kanyintjaku wantinytja wiyangku.

    The Aboriginal people of Australia recognise the Prime Minister and Parliament as a governing body and strongly calls upon the Parliament to reject any attempt to redefine the institution of marriage, and in doing so, Honour the sanctity of both the tradition of marriage and the spiritual implication of this sacred union.

Language Origin of the Petition
This petition is written in the tribal language of the Pitjantjatjara People whose tribal lands occupy the heart of Australia which includes the central east of WA, the north west of SA and the south west of the Northern Territory. The Pitjantjatjara people are the traditional owners of Uluru from which the petition takes its name. Whilst the chosen language of the petition is Pitjantjatjara the petition itself comes from the Aboriginal People of Australia and an English translation is provided.

Respect & Unity

The Indigenous Elders who carried this Petition forward, including Auntie Yumina Anyupa Ken and Uncle Pepaii Carol from Ernabella, respect all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups and peoples and acknowledge that they do not speak for the entirety of their country or language groups. 

However, in putting this Petition forward, we recognise and we’re declaring that, the union between man and women is deeply a part of our ancient and continuing culture across all of our communities, and that our Fathers and Mothers provide the foundation for those communities.

WE now call upon our communities to stand with us as one Indigenous Australia to honour and protect one of our ancient and continuing values.

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