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Tony Abbott: please don't let me die of melanoma waiting for this cancer drug to be approved in Australia

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It's watching my beautiful 2 year old play that shatters me most now. I was diagnosed with an aggressive melanoma cancer fourteen years ago. It devastated us. 

What's been keeping me alive – and giving us hope that I'll beat this awful disease is new wonder drug MK-3475, but because the government is still yet to put it on the PBS we're going broke and could have my cancer treatment cut short.

Doctors around the world say MK-3475 could save my life and many others. Just trialling the drug has reduced my tumour size by 70%. It's costing us $10,500 every 3 weeks and we can't afford to self-fund the hugely expensive treatment much longer. 

I can't believe that the cancer drug that could save my life is slipping out of reach because of these mindless government delays.

They need to put it on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme immediately. It's what doctors, cancer sufferers and experts are all saying. And we've got a chance to convince the government to act in the next few weeks before they meet in March. 

This decision could mean life or death for me. It could mean seeing my little boy grow up or not. But this is about more than just my family. 1,400 people are dying from melanoma every year in Australia – it's one of the biggest, silent killers. Yet we're dragging behind the US and Japan in approving this new treatment.

Please, Mr Abbott – don't let cancer sufferers like me die waiting for this drug, add MK-3475 to the PBS immediately. Step in and do something to help us. We're begging you.

Thank you for reading, and please sign my petition to add your support. 


Shane, Danielle and 2 year-old Jett Raisher

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