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Tony Abbott: He’s a disabled ADF veteran with PTSD - he doesn’t deserve to be deported after serving our country

Michael proudly served with the ADF in the Vietnam War and has lived in Sydney for over 60 years - but unbelievably the government is about to kick this disabled veteran out of the country.

It’ll be his 70th birthday on Saturday, but instead of celebrating with his grandchildren and family, Michael will remain shut off in Villawood Detention Centre, awaiting deportation.

This is bureaucracy gone mad. This loving father of 3 and grandfather of 6 faces imminent deportation to the UK - where he’ll have no access to housing or medical care for his war injuries.

Michael has suffered PTSD, brain damage and alcohol issues as consequences of his service. It’s disgraceful - these conditions went untreated due to lack of proper support, and after a rapid deterioration of his mental health Michael was committed for some minor civil offences. Now the government has absurdly, and unfairly cancelled his visa.

If deported, Michael's family will be devastated – but it also risks the disabled veteran's health. He'll have no support network in the UK, no access to housing, and no ongoing medical care as his injuries are from service to Australia, not the UK.  The deportation order is effectively a death sentence. Surely this is not how Australia treats its veterans.

It’s just crazy - if you've served Australia in war, then surely you've earned the right to live here.

In March Tony Abbott pledged his support to all veterans who have come back to Australia forever changed by what they experienced. Now we're asking the Prime Minister to honour that pledge – and not deport this disabled veteran! Please sign and share.

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