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The Australian Capital Territory intends to pass a law allowing same-sex couples to marry.

The Federal Government could attempt to veto this legislation despite the ACT Government recently being elected on a platform of passing it.

There is overwhelming support for this reform in the ACT and the Federal Government should respect the ACT's mandate to legislate in the best interests of their community.

We call on Tony Abbott and the Federal Government to respect the rights of the ACT, recognise the dignity of all relationships and let the Territory’s marriage equality law stand.

Letter to
Tony Abbott, Australian Prime Minister
The ACT should be free to pass a law allowing same-sex couples to marry within its territory.

The ACT Government was elected on a platform of passing such legislation should the Federal Government fail to act.

Please show the same respect to this mandate that you would want other people to show yours.

The ACT legislation will allow Australian couples to marry in their own country for the first time with their family and friends around them.

Like you, many Canberran families have gay loved ones. They want their loved ones to be treated fairly by the law and society.

In the name of self-government for the ACT and the name of recognising the dignity of all relationships, please let the Territory's marriage equality law stand.


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