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        Recently we learned that the City of Huntsville intends to acquire our property to build a road through it. This is part of a large redevelopment plan for Research Park. We support the improvement of this area, however, we have been a step ahead of the City. We have invested millions of dollars of our own money to bring to the community a luxury movie-going experience. Any redevelopment of the area can and should be done without demolishing our property.

        This extension of Sanderson Road (to Hwy 255) that the City is planning has not yet been approved by the Alabama Department of Transportation. This road is not feasible and we believe this road will not be approved. There are already two exits on Hwy 255 (Bradford Rd and University Drive), and there is not enough space between these two exits for this new road. Even if the City succeeds in getting this road approved, they will be spending millions of dollars in taxpayer money to construct a road that does not need to be there. Meanwhile, they will be losing the large amounts of sales and property taxes that we are already generating for the City.

        We have an attendance of 30,000 per month. We employ over 30 people, and this number will nearly double after we complete our dine-in features. Why take away a thriving business that benefits the City and the people in the community?

        We have provided some fierce competition to the other local theater. They are doing renovations of their own because of this. Once completed, their seating capacity will decrease, forcing them to increase their prices. Without us as competition, they have no reason to keep their prices reasonable. This does not help the community, and the City should act in the best interest of the people.

        Join us to save Madison Square 12 Luxury Cinemas!  Show your support by signing this petition! You may also sign our petition at the theater. Tell your family and friends, and help spread the word so that we can continue to be a part of the community and serve its residents.

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