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Stop Insulting Religions

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Buddha was all about compassion & kindness. Buddhist scriptures never put down anybody or any religion or any theology for that matter. Buddha always encourage his followers to be compassionate, generous and kind. Even the enemies of a person. In fact he emphasized why we should respect every living being like how you would respect yourself.

Therefore, insulting, or having a motive to insult a certain fraction such as Buddhists is not a very humane thing. Specially, with its unique approach towards helping humans and not looking down at anybody.

Although Buddhists don't care much about idols, statues, images or depictions, there is always a little fragment who would be hurt seeing an image that distort the real image of a great human being the world have ever seen.

Besides, insulting religions should not be  a trend simply because, it can set a bad example to the younger generation while creating a adverse division among the communities. It's always fine to pin point an issue with a religion but not making fun of a religious idol for no apparent reason.

Hence, we as people who respect this great religion the Buddhism, and people who would appreciate Buddha's teaching would always like to see his teachings and philosophy appreciated and not insulted at for whatever the reason it may be for. 

We kindly request you to remove/recall this doodle from whatever the merchandise (Such as T-Shirts, Clothes, Websites, Paints etc) you are printing it on, at your earliest. Please kindly avoid printing this doodle on anything further.

Thank you and Metta !



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