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      I am asking for a bill to be in place to protect children victims of childhood sexual assault. One for the victims and siblings of the victims of childhood sexual assault that they would not have to be in the same school as their convicted juvenile offenders. These innocent kids have been through so much already that it seems unbelievable that schools would allow victims and offenders of such horrific crimes to see each other in schools. With all the home schooling options or e-learning in school districts these days, there are ways the offender still get their education and the innocent victims get piece of mind and to not be re-traumatized. The victims shouldn't have to be the ones to make the change, the offenders should. 

     There are a few states out there with this bill; Kansas, Washington, and Missouri. Why can't all states step up and protect these victims? As a parent, you are NEVER made aware of any convicted juvenile offenders in your school. The schools are protected from having to tell you! So, as little Johnny sits in 6th grade he could be sitting next to a convicted juvenile offender, none the wiser. This bill would at least protect those victims who were brave enough to tell someone and take a stand against their offenders. Please, for your kids, my kids, your nieces/nephews and so many others sign this petition to take a stand for the youngest of victims! 

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