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Charge Pa Drug Dealers with Homicide when their drugs result in loss of life.

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As we all know, the disease of addiction is taking lives in record numbers. As of today, overdose is ranked the #1 cause of death in our country. 

In Pennsylvania, when there is an overdose death, the coroner, in most cases classifies the cause of death as "accidental". Provided that there is enough evidence left behind at an overdose death, the Investigators will arrest and charge the drug dealer with, "Delivery of a controlled substance resulting in death". The sentence for that crime is minimal. It's hard for me to accept that these death dealers can be charged with carrying these drugs over state lines and receive a much harsher sentence than they will when that drug causes the death of an addicted person. Loss of life trumps everything else, or at least it should. Decades ago the "Delivery of a controlled substance resulting in death" may have been effective but today, it's not. TODAY when someone overdoses on Heroin, it's not Heroin. It's Heroin laced with something. Fentanyl, animal tranquilizers and animal pain meds and anything else these people can get their hands on. TODAY addicts are not dying by their own hand. Not entirely. Now they're dying because what they believed they purchased isn't what they thought they were getting. TODAY, we must make a change!

We want to get overdose deaths under control. In order to get these dealers off of our streets and out of our towns, we need to send out a very clear message. Drug Dealers who take advantage of our sick must be held accountable. They are murderers. They are monsters. I'm asking that our lawmakers and elected officials find a way to make the punishment fit the crime. Charge these people with Homicide. Drug Dealers are very different from the addicted. Dealing is a conscious choice one makes but addicts are not in control of their actions. Addicts are in such need of these drugs and the dealers know it. They prey on our sick. 

Please sign my petition making our lawmakers aware that we all feel the same. If you're unsure, say it out loud to yourself a few times, "Dealers get more time out of driving their car over a state line than they do for killing our children, our husbands, our wives, our brothers, our sisters, our parents..... " Could you do it?


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