Finalize The Federal Rule To Abolish "Big LIck" Animal Cruelty To Tennessee Walking Horses

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Please SIGN this Petition to ABOLISH “Big Lick” Animal Cruelty to beautiful Tennessee Walking Horses.

The welfare of "The Horses" should be above Politics.

Over 95% of the persons 'commenting'  are "FOR"  the proposed Federal Rule which will abolish "Big Lick" Animal Cruelty to Tennessee Walking Horses.

CCABLAC joins with Tea Party Conservative Republican Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL) and Blue Dog Democrat Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-OR), both large animal vets,  in urging U. S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack,  and U. S. President Barack Obama,  to act expeditiously to do all things necessary to finalize the proposed Federal Rule. 

On October 24, 2016, Reps. Yoho - Schrader, along with 179 other Congressmen, signed a Letter making it clear that the ONLY EQUINES that the proposed Rule would affect are:

  • Tennessee Walking Horses,
  • Racking Horses, and
  • Spotted Saddle Horses

The "Comment" period ended on October 26, 2016, with a total of                   73,933 Total Comments:

FOR:         70,292 (95%)
AGAINST:   3,641 (5%)

Once done, the Federal Rule abolishing "Big Lick" Animal Cruelty will be published in the Federal Register as part of the Horse Protection Act of 1970, as amended, and it will be become law.

"WE, The People" - CCABLAC (Citizens Campaign Against "Big Lick" Animal Cruelty) has led the fight against abolishing "Big Lick" Animal Cruelty. Over 200,000+ signing Change.Org Petitions, and 26 peaceful public protests from the Gulf of Mexico at Panama City Beach, Florida to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina.

After you SIGN, please SHARE the petition with your friends and family via email, Facebook, and Twitter!    Your PETITION Signatures and Comments will be delivered to the proper officials.

"WE, The People",
CCABLAC (Citizens Campaign Against "Big Lick" Animal Cruelty)