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Apply the Animal Welfare Act to all animal shelters that house and care for domestic animals to prevent abuse and cruelty to animals in the care of unregulated shelters

There are no standards across many states for the care of domestic animals in private or government-run animal shelters or other rescue facilities/organizations. No one is watching over these shelters or their activities and dogs and cats are dying of starvation, disease and neglect at the hands of these so-called animal shelters.  Shelters like the one in Magnolia, Arkansas (see, and even disreputable rescues go unpunished when they commit animal cruelty because there are no laws in many states that regulate these facilities and organizations. The USDA has the power to regulate but has not done so. 

The USDA oversees the Animal Welfare Act which applies to many entities like commercial breeders and dealers, but it has not been applied to animal shelters or organizations that house domestic animals. The Animal Welfare Act should be extended to apply to all facilities, even government-run shelters, to ensure that domestic animals are not starved and left to die of disease, injury and neglect at the hands of those who are in control of their care. Without the application of this law, those who abuse domestic animals in their care are rarely subjected to punishment because there are no state laws that make them comply with any standards of care for domestic pets and animals. 

If enough people sign this petition, the White House will have to respond and the simple act of signing and sharing a petition can save countless domestic animals from suffering in unregulated shelters. 

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