Educational Leaders Please Pass Climate Action Resolutions to Protect Students

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Our Congress needs help doing the right thing on climate change. Continued Congressional inaction on climate change harms kids and future generations. Educational leaders from across the country can speak with one, non-partisan voice to help break the logjam on commonsense national climate policy in DC. Twenty-six local school boards and one student council in California, Colorado, New York, and Virginia have led the way by passing climate action resolutions. Here are some examples: Sonoma COE, Albany (CA) USD, Harmony USD, San Lorenzo USD, Tamalpais UHSD, Credo HS Student Council, and Fairfax County Public Schools.

The educational leaders addressed in this petition represent school districts, school board members, and school personnel in 14,000 school districts across the nation. These educational leaders have been true champions for children and for educational equity for many years. They likely already privately believe that climate change is an unfair burden to pass on to young people and that Congress should find a bipartisan solution to limit the harm.

By signing this petition, you can help these educational leaders articulate this private belief publicly---in a climate action resolution. Were any of the 3 organizations (California State Board of Education, the California School Boards Association, and the National School Boards Association) to pass their own climate action resolution, likely hundreds or thousands of local school boards would follow their lead. We have spoken to members of Congress who feel certain this would help move Congress to act on climate. Educators know the climate harm young people will face and now have a tool to help lessen the harm. 

The educational sector, more than any other sector, has standing to speak up in a non-partisan way for climate justice. We stand at the interface between the generations. Our mission---to help kids create great future outcomes for themselves---and our institutional integrity is directly threatened by national climate inaction and our silence about it. No educator or educational leader needs to be a silent witness to the generational justice issue created by national climate inaction. By signing this petition, you can help the educational sector speak up for climate justice. 

Please leave a comment with notes about your school stakeholder status (parent of school kids, grandparent, teacher, administrator, school board member, student, community member, etc.). Please share widely. Thank you so much for your time.