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Petitioning Pope Francis I

Tom, the Animalpastor, will take your signatures to Rome on 4th of October, 2013


As part of his campaign "They are our brothers and sisters!", Tom, the Animalpastor, will be in Rome, at St Peter's Square, Vatican City, on 4th of October, 2013 – the day of St Francis of Assisi.

He will be there on behalf of all the tortured and prosecuted animals. He will bless animals and he will leave a personal letter for Pope Francis I, pointing out the importance and responsibility of the Church towards animals, together with your signatures and your personal messages to Pope Francis I.

It doesn't matter if we are Catholic, atheist, or if we believe in any other religion. What is important is THE one thing that we all have in common: a great love for animals, and the strong desire to make a real difference in the way animals are treated in our world. 

So, please sign the petition, and leave a comment for Pope Francis I.

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Im Rahmen seiner Kampagne "They are our brothers and sisters!", wird Tom Animalpastor, am 4. Oktober, 2013 - dem Tag des Heiligen Franziskus von Assisi - in Rom, am Petersplatz - Vatikan, sein.

Tom wird da sein, im Namen aller gefolterten und gequälten Tiere. Tom wird Tiere segnen und er wird einen persönlichen Brief für Papst Franz I indem er auf die Bedeutung und Verantwortung der Kirche gegenüber den Tieren hinweist, zusammen mit Ihren Unterschriften und Ihren persönlichen Nachrichten für Papst Francis I, hinterlassen.

Es ist unwichtig ob wir Katholiken, Atheisten, oder Gläubiger anderer Religionen sind – wichtig ist was wir alle gemeinsam haben: eine große Liebe zu den Tieren, und unser gemeinsamer Wunsch, die Art und Weise wie die Tiere angesehen und behandelt werden, zu verändern.

Deshalb unterzeichnen Sie bitte diese Petition und hinterlassen Sie einen Kommentar für Papst Franz I (optional), und bitte erzählen Sie Ihren Freunden und Kontakten von dieser Petition. 

Informationen über Tom Animalpastor, seinen Besuch in Rom und diese Petition, finden Sie auf:!gods-creation/c1ger

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Herzlichen Dank im Voraus.


Dans le cadre de sa campagne «They are our brothers and sisters!», Tom Animalpastor, sera à Rome, place Saint-Pierre, Cité du Vatican, le 4 Octobre 2013 - le jour de St François d'Assise.

Il sera là au nom de tous les animaux torturés. Il bénira les animaux et il laissera une lettre personnelle pour le pape François Ier, soulignant l'importance et la responsabilité de l'Eglise envers les animaux, ainsi que vos signatures et vos messages personnels au pape François Ier.

Il est sans aucune importance que nous soyons catholiques, athéistes ou croyants en une autre réligion quelconque. Ce qui est important, c'est notre amour conjoint pour les animaux et la nature, et notre désir mutuel de changer les choses.

Veuillez s'il vous plaît signer cette pétition, et si possible, veuillez laisser un commentaire pour le pape Francis Ier.

Pour plus d'informations sur Tom, sur sa campagne "We are all God's Creaton" et sa prochaine visite à Rome, veuillez visiter:!gods-creation/c1ger

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Letter to
Pope Francis I
Dear Brother in Priesthood and The Pastoral Chore,
Successor of the Apostle Peter,
Pontifex Francis,
Holy Father!

Vienna, Pentecost, Anno Domini, 2013

Holy Father,

I want to tell you a short story of a God of Love who has a disability that restrains him... a story about a God who is allowed to breathe only with one of his two lungs.

It is a story about our God, Holy Father!

And I will only need about seven minutes to tell you this story! And I ask you for this seven minutes on the 4th of October…

Jesus begged us to minister the castaways, the haunted, the sorrowful and the weeping ones, the hungry ones, the oppressed, the suffering and tortured ones; and He meant that only by doing so we can constitute his Kingdom of Heaven (see Matthew 25,40).

And He himself did not hesitate to give his own life for that!

Holy Father, we know that the complete Creation (not only man) is awaiting the revealing of the Son’s of God (See Romans). And is waiting until today!

We cannot forsake our little, suffering, lonely and tortured brothers and sisters - the animals - who are also the siblings of Jesus!

This would be betrayal not only of Jesus, but also of his Gospel and the suffering fellow creatures!

We cannot look away. Neither look away nor be silent, Holy Father. It is time to set clear signs.

We are talking about outrageous circumstances, Holy Father. Unfortunately, I cannot name it differently.

We are talking about silent screams of millions of suffering creatures of God; the screams and grievance of our (little) brothers and sisters, who are God’s loved creatures!

It is their screams for help, Holy Father, and we may not ignore them any longer!

In the past there has been a lot of pouring – pouring of too much tears, and too much blood of the innocent. And too often, and much too long have we been watching this, idly... And more than that: in some cases we have even agreed with it!

We have to finally say 'Goodbye' to that kind of “tradition”!

Holy Father, we must clearly take position on the side of the civilization of Love, not on the side of the civilization of Death! We have to leave that last civilization behind us - forever! This is what we owe to the Great Master of Nazareth and his Gospel - the Message of Love – love, which, as you know, has not only be given to man!

Animal welfare concerns all of us! And us, the Christians, maybe even more!

We were ought to become the salt of earth and the light of heaven (Matthew 5,13-16). And animal welfare is an essential part of Our Mission in this world! We have been appointed by God to be gardener and caregiver in His wonderful garden (Hebrew: גן עדן)!

Animal welfare renders an essential service to the Theology of Creation, to the Gospel and ultimately to Jesus (God)!

We have to finally acknowledge this!

The animal protection (animal welfare) is not a stranger! It is rather someone out of our lines, a legate of God! It resumes a duty that has been entrusted to us!

Holy Father, if you don’t have the possibility to meet me on October, 4th - on the day of Saint Francis - due to the visit protocol of Assisi, we can meet on Skype ( I will be available for you the whole day - around the clock.

With all the best wishes,

Animalpastor, Human-Animal Chaplain,
M. Mag. Tomasz Jaeschke

Tel.: +43 699 11 32 36 90

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