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Reject the "City Lights Los Feliz" Development Proposal at Hollywood & Hillhurst

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 A development proposal at the Hollywood / Sunset intersection for the historic Hollywood Ford lot that is inconsistent with neighborhood needs, architecture and permits. 

The "City Lights Los Feliz" development plan is asking for permits to build a 6-story, high-density 202-apartment complex on top of a front facing strip mall.

·  6 stories (73 feet) high

·  200+ apartments

·  Nearly 15,000 square feet of retail space

·  Insufficient parking

·  No connection to local historical architecture

·  Cookie cutter design used from similar developments around LA

·  Removal of public alleyway

City Lights Los Feliz is a development proposal by Chandler Pratt & Partners headed by Rosenheim & Associates at the Hollywood / Sunset intersection on the historic Hollywood Ford lot that is inconsistent with neighborhood architecture and the overly generous provisions of the Vermont/Western Station Neighborhood Area Plan.  If built, it would negatively impact the landscape, residents, and traffic.

A recent and pressing concern is the increase in Ellis Act evictions at apartments near this intersection and how these developments will continue to negatively impact the neighbors who made Los Feliz the amazing community it is.

The "City Lights Los Feliz" development plan is asking to eliminate a public alleyway massive and out of character 6-story, 202-apartment and retail complex with insufficient parking.

As a community we encourage conscientious and relevant development in our neighborhood, however, the “City Lights Los Feliz” proposal meets neither of those prerequisites.  They plan to remove the alleyway that divides the two properties, and then tie the lots together to further reduce mobility and access to the community.  The design of the project is not consistent with the historical architecture, and is simply a cookie cutter development without any reference to our community.

But what is most concerning is the placement of the development at an intersection of 6 already over-burdened streets.  The parking needs of 200+ residents and hundreds of customers and employees which will exacerbate the already overcrowded neighborhood.  The developers have also made the dubious claim that their traffic impact studies indicate that there will be no extra burden on the intersection by building a 6-story 202 apartment complex stacked on top of a front facing retail strip mall.

This development does not have any consideration for the community or local businesses who strive to maintain a friendly, welcoming, and accessible aesthetic in Los Feliz.  We encourage you to reject the current proposal from Chandler Pratt & Partners and Rosenheim & Associates.  We also encourage you to suggest incorporating a more historic art deco design with a smaller scale of building plan to preserve the historic and beautiful landscape that welcomes locals and tourists to Griffith Park and the Los Feliz hills.  If this proposal goes forward as is it will sacrifice beauty and community for the sake of urban sprawl.




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