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Remove Bryan Lindquist of PAL from anti-bullying task force

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Because this man uses his personal faith as a weapon and represents the anti-LGBTQ bigotry that is STILL hurting kids in our district and has robbed parents like Tammy Aaberg of their children lost to bullycide.  His hateful speeches before the school board he will now serve should have disqualified him but instead he was appointed with the excuse of needing balance.  Comments like "homosexuality is a disorder and a choice"  are outrageous but demanding that the school district provide access to "ex-gay therapy" is terrifying knowing the damage these therapies have done. These comments are made on the basis of "his personal beliefs" which misrepresent Chrisitianity as many have pointed out and he does so with no regard to their hurtful impact on kids and families in our district.

There is no need to balance tolerance with bigotry, or acceptance with hate.  This man and the group he is a member of are representative of all that is wrong in this district. Comments like the ones he wrote in a letter to the editor dated October 26th, 2012 AFTER being appointed to represent and protect LGBTQ students he states that in gay families "Parental pedophilia:  23 percent of children with a lesbian mother reported having been touched sexually by a parent or adult, compared with 2 percent of those raised by biological parents" citing a study that contradicts 30 plus years of sound, scientifically supported data and was discredited by the psychology and medical community as patently flawed.

He and the group he represents are examples of who the targets of anti-bullying and harassment policy and training "should be" not the makers of that policy. They rely on outdated or completely false data to make their argument that "their religious beliefs" should be imposed on everyone and do so at the expense of the safety and wellbeing of kids in our district. 

The idea that he would be shaping and forming policy on bullying and harassment knowing his role in the bullying and harassment of students and LGBTQ members of our community is just wrong.   Tammy Aaberg was actually rejected as a candidate and yet she too is a proud Christian, as was her son.  This is a woman who lost her son to bullying and harassment and yet she gets up every morning to ensure that no other child in our district endures what her son did. She works every single day to provide a safe, affirming place for ALL kids to go and know that they are safe and they are loved...just as they are.  

The appointment of a member of hate group to an anti-bullying task force just doesn't make sense and calls into question the intent of Chair Heidemann, especially since he openely admits he chose him because of "his conservative Christian views"..."What are those views Chair Heidemann? What makes them differ from other Christian views?" What specifically does he offer that Tammy, or the numerous other "Chrisitan" candidates who were rejected don't?  The appointment of Tammy Aaberg would make perfect sense, the appointment of any one of the other outspoken advocates against bullying and harassment, many who are also Christian would make sense but the appointment of Bryan Lindquist just does not make sense.   Only by removing him from the task force and all that he represents will it show the community and the nation things can AND will change for the better here.

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