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Historically Accurate D-Day Movie to Celebrate Veterans on 75th Anniversary

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It's really not a problem but a request to some guys that seem to have the ability to create epic level movies that can inspire and/or recreate events from imagination/scifi, or history about many people from many countries/galaxies, lol.  Lets see what you've really got.  We've spent the last decade or so watching movies about comic book heros that were part of our childhood and that boosted our history.   What do you think you could do with portraying reality?  June 6, 1944 was undoubtably one of the most pivotal days in the history of mankind.  WW II impacted more people on our planet, more quickly, and in a shorter period of time than probably anything else except the world wide web.  It was just this big "Knot" in time where everything came together.  My best explanation of WW II would be when the worst of humanity produced the best of humanity.  The movie, "The Longest Day" was totally awesome but was pretty clinical and lacked the human aspect that would probably be more accurate, for all sides involved, even Germany.  As an amateur WW II buff with a father who fought in the European Theatre, it's been the source of many thoughts.  My father was not at Normandy but was caught up with things in the Ardennes during the Battle of the Bulge.  All I wish is that some or all of you folks that have produced so much and received so much from these same Vets and decendents, share your talents and produce a movie that will forever represent all of those folks that fought and died on June 6, 44.  The 75th anniversary is in 2019 and is approaching way too fast.  There will not bee very many of these heros left by then. 


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