Getting the release of the extended footage for Band of Brother's twentieth anniversary

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Mr.Hanks, Mr.Spielberg & the HBO Network,

As the 20th anniversary of Band of Brothers grows near, we the fans of the show have a request for you. We have watched the show more times than we can count. We have read the book. We have read all of the books. We follow the actors and creators on social media. We wait with anticipation for the next series about The Mighty Eighth to enter production.

Yet there is something that haunts us. The missing footage. We know that years ago more than 10 episodes worth of footage was filmed for the groundbreaking and award winning mini-series, Band of Brothers. We think that this additional footage would make an excellent addition to any 20th anniversary release.

We would cherish every cut-scene that didn’t make it into the original episode. We would adore backstage footage taken for any and all purposes. We would also like a cast commentary added to the special features. 

These stories, and this series, has touched us in ways that we can never fully express. Each of us cares deeply about the real men who fought in Easy Company and the talented men and women who brought their story to life. Years after the original release of Band of Brothers we are still making edits and fanart of the footage. When one of us finds a small piece of trivia on an actor’s twitter or buried in one of the books, we spend days sending each other messages about our new treasure. We have created group chats and messaging systems to keep in touch with all the amazing friends we have made through our connection to Band of Brothers.

It might seem like a small request, or a trivial request, to ask for more footage. It is anything but in the hearts and minds of the people whose lives have been changed by Easy Company.

Thank you for giving us this gift and bringing Easy Company into our lives.


The fans of Band of Brothers

P.S. Mr. Tom Hanks, we really like the typewriter app.