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Stop Plains All American Pipeline From Building The Diamond Pipeline Through Arkansas

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Plains All American Pipeline, the company that is notorious for the 2015 Santa Barbara Oil Spill that dumped 100,000 gallons of oil into the back yard of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, slathered Refugio State Beach with crude oil, and created a seven mile wide plume of petroleum products in the Pacific Ocean, is now fast at work in Arkansas, trying to build The Diamond Pipeline through the back yards of residents of Johnson County, Arkansas.

Plains All American Pipeline is also known for its raucous fireballs.  In West Virginia, oil headed for one of Plains All American Pipeline's refineries, via an oil-taker train, skipped the tracks, igniting the small town of Mount Carbon, into a towering ball of flames.

With Plains All American's atrocious safety track record, it could be a mere twenty-five years before the Diamond Pipeline fails.

Plains All American Pipeline is commandeering the land of the residents of Arkansas, without notifying them.  Local officials in Johnson County are asleep at the wheel, looking the other way as the Diamond Pipeline is slowly prepared for its inevitable future fracturing, and the 100% unavoidable environmental disaster that the poorly constructed pipe will eventually cause. 

The Diamond Pipeline, itself, is already controversial because the path it's been plotted though traverses wildlife preserves, and park lands, with virtually no input on the routing, from the residents of Arkansas; a group of people who are powerless to fight back, because they are governed by politicians guided by special interest and greed. 

We, the people of The United States, have joined together to ask Plains All American Pipeline to immediately stop the vicious seizures of residents lands, and for Plains All American Pipeline to immediately stop the construction of the Diamond Pipeline in Johnson County, Arkansas. 

No matter where you live in The US, even if this affects you or not, we need your signatures to help a powerless small community stand up to the mighty polluter giant that is Plains All American Pipeline. 

We can win these battles if we all band together and fight!  Thank you in advance for your support!!

Today: is counting on you needs your help with “Tom Cotton: Stop Plains All American Pipeline From Building The Diamond Pipeline”. Join and 436 supporters today.