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Tell Guess? & Under Armour's Carrier to Stop Workplace Segregation!

U.S. truck drivers who haul cargo for popular fashion and footwear retailers are being subjected to workplace segregation and inhumane conditions, and they need your help to put a stop to it.

The corporation that handles cargo for brands such as Guess? and Under Armour is conducting business practices in Southern California that smack of Jim Crow. Just as African-Americans were forced to use separate, inferior public restrooms and drinking fountains, Toll Group, a profitable global transportation and logistics powerhouse, bars its truck drivers from using the clean and stocked indoor facilities. These 75 men and women must share a trio of foul-smelling, unsanitary port-a-potties that lack running water outside in the company yard.

The 59 Latino-American drivers who recently attempted to deliver their own petition to management were rebuffed. So now they are asking supporters and consumers like you to sign onto the solidarity petition to a top company executive started by local residents and community allies. Out with the outhouses, in with justice!

Letter to
Toll Group
Like many others, I support sustainable economic development at the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports. We know that port trucking companies have a direct impact on our harbor communities and neighborhoods along traffic corridors, and that responsible business operations are key in creating a stable port trucking market where good middle class jobs are generated.

We are disheartened to learn of the unjust and deplorable working conditions under which Toll Group port truck drivers are laboring.

They are our neighbors, parents of our students, parishioners at our churches, and patrons at our local businesses their working conditions matter greatly to us.

We urge Toll Group to immediately address their unacceptable business practices and provide their port truck drivers with the safe and dignified working conditions that all American workers deserve. Our port truck drivers should not be subjected to unhygienic bathrooms without access to clean running water, nor should they be harassed for choosing to unite together on the job so they can bargain collectively to improve their working conditions.

We admire these hard-working men and women for showing tremendous courage in standing up against the inequitable, inhumane, and intimidating working environment Toll Group has created.

We stand with Toll Group port truck drivers and their families as they fight for the respect and dignity that they deserve.


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