Preserve the Beautiful Monroe/Secor Corner. Say NO to Kroger's request to move across the street and rezone 19 acres of land to CR Regional Commercial zoning.

We need to preserve the most beautiful parts of Toledo. Many of them are gone and we don't have enough nice spaces left. This corner of Monroe/Secor is a beautiful space.

We're in support of the Sisters of Notre Dame and their need to sell this site.

We're in support of Kroger building another W. Toledo store - just not on this site.

Kroger's proposed development would irreversibly damage this site and W. Toledo.

There is a current alternate market rate proposal to keep this site and use it as senior and assisted living - AND preserve this beautiful corner. Such a use would also not add to the traffic congestion in this area.

Please sign this petition to let Toledo City Council know you are in support of their NO vote for Regional Commercial Zoning of this site.

A NO vote from Toledo City Council will stop proposed Kroger development on this current residential zoned site. 

A NO vote from Toledo City Council will allow a good alternate use of this site.

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