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Stop fan service and respect power levels in Dragon Ball Super

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Hello everyone,

I just watched episode 114 of dragon Ball super and I just can't stand it anymore. I feel like I am not the only one feeling that Toei animation is blackmailing us using our nostalgia.

What is happening with power levels ? Kale berserker takes Goku ssjb alone at the beginning of the tournament and now fails to beat goku in ssj2 and ssj god? What's the point in all that? We are still waiting for explainations about trunks' power in zamasu arc by the way. Is trunks a sayajin version of Ribrianne using "power of love". 

Dragon ball used to show young people that with efforts you can reach all your dreams. Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan had to train hard to become super sayajins. What's the thing with concentration of power in your back to become super sayajins? Really? Goten an Trunks had the best potential and yet they are not as good as caulifla kale and cabba? Think about the values of efforts this show gives. It's disrespecting all the efforts given by the Z warriors before.

Honestly Dragon Ball super has been messing with power levels and also messing with our memories. If Toei decided to sacrifice our memories and love for the dragon ball series on the altar of fan service, the we should make them hear our voice.

I am talking strictly about the anime. Dragon Ball shouldn't be only about money so please give us a true scenario. Make it deep with feelings and deep with meaning.

Dragon Ball is the property of Toei but we own our memories. So stop blackmailing us with fan service.

#freegohan #jesuisdragonball #ribriannepoweroflove #balancetonoolong



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