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The puppies given away at these competitions are forced upon the family of the winning child, whether they want the dog or not. These children are far too young to be ready for the responsibility of a puppy and in result, the care is forced onto older siblings or the parents. Bringing a puppy home needs to be a very well thought out decision instead of just an impulse decision. As a result of this decision, these puppies are taken to the shelter or sold once the "newness" wears off and the child is no longer interested in the puppy. Puppies should be beloved family members and treated as such instead of being given as prizes to these young children. Please cease airing the pageants who continue to give puppies away as prizes.


Elizabeth Herrington

Letter to
Group President, Discovery and TLC Networks Eileen O'Neill
EVP Public Relations, TLC Laurie Goldberg
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Toddlers & Tiaras, TLC.

Stop airing competitions that give away puppies as prizes.

These puppies are given as prizes to children who are not ready for the responsibility of a puppy and the responsibility is placed on the parent. These puppy prizes are impulse decisions, instead of a well researched, educated decision made about adding a dog to the family. Once the puppy is no longer a puppy, it is often sent off to a shelter where it will likely be put down. These puppies should no longer be given away as prizes because these children are not ready for the real life responsibility of taking care of a puppy and the parents often do not want to care for the puppy, leaving the puppy to suffer as the result of being an impulse decision.

Elizabeth Herrington

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