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Petitioning Todd Kincannon

Have lunch with Transgender Law Center!

Todd Kincannon, former executive director of the South Carolina Republican Party, recently tweeted that transgender people should be put in camps. 

Transgender Law Center would like to sit down with him over lunch to talk about why our work is so important. We are certain Mr. Kincannon is not aware of the extraordinary barriers transgender people face in accessing employment, health care, and basic safety. We'd like for him to hear our stories.

Letter to
Todd Kincannon
We respectfully ask that you accept Transgender Law Center's offer to meet for lunch.

Transgender people are a part of America's fabric. We are busdrivers, teachers, doctors, lawyers, and so on. Still, we face incredible barriers in accessing health care, employment, housing, and even basic safety on the streets.

Given these realities, your suggestion that transgender people should be put in camps cannot be taken lightly by our community. We hope you'll take the time to get to know us, so that perhaps your opinion will evolve.

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