SUBPOENA Zachary Wayne Hileman's FB Account!


SUBPOENA Zachary Wayne Hileman's FB Account!

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Nicole (Schuyler) Kapuscinski started this petition to Anderson Police Department Detectives and

On October 03, 2021 in Anderson, Madison County, Indiana Raymond Waymire Jr. was shot and killed during a Road Rage incident at around 2:45 a.m. The Honda Civic involved in the shooting fled the area, and the shooter turned himself in 19 hours later. The backseat passenger Zachary Wayne Hileman was the shooter and not the driver of the Honda Civic. 

The shooter Zachary Wayne Hileman was charged with carrying a handgun without a license and the murder of Raymond Waymire Jr. Initially the Honda Civic crew tried to claim self-defense. Many people near and far jumped online to express their opinion. Many adults claimed that a car full of teens was in the right to shoot and kill a biker. Many teens started hashtagging the slogan FREE ZACH. However, not everyone was siding with the original narrative that was in the local Herald Bulletin article. 

What “WE the PEOPLE” want: 

We the People want the Madison County Prosecuting Attorney & the A.P.D. Detectives to subpoena Zachary Wayne Hileman’s FB Account. 

October 2, 2021, FB post threads or FB messenger about obtaining a gun from someone. 

October 3, 2021, FB post threads or FB messenger about “bagging a biker”.       

AND Whatever records that are of PUBLIC Interest and should have stayed PUBLIC, but were somehow scrubbed from PUBLIC View. 

We the PEOPLE would also like to know/see whoever helped scrub Hileman’s FB to be charged with Obstruction of Justice F5, Aiding & Abetting a Crime, and Accessory to Murder or Cover-Up of Crimes associated with the “Road Rage” incident on October 3, 2021, resulting in the shooting death of Raymond Waymire Jr.  

Thanks in Advance,

Team Waymire 46016 & WE the PEOPLE

WHY do I Nicole (Schuyler) Kapuscinski care?

For starters, Raymond Waymire Jr. was a childhood friend of mine. I've known him for over 30 years. I have a lot of great childhood memories with him and other members of his family. Now some of my happiest memories are tarnished due to his untimely death. 

I am also a Combat Veteran with P.T.S.D. that has come home from an International War (O.I.F. 2008) to be dropped smack dab in the middle of a LOCAL Anderson War of Drug Addiction/Gang & Gun Violence. This does not sit well with me and has now caused me to fear certain parts of a community that I was birthed in. 

GUN violence has taken a toll on our City. We the People DO NOT like living in FEAR of our Neighbors Children/Teenagers with Guns. If their parents can't control them and we the community have to live amongst them, then we would like to see JUSTICE being SERVED which in some cases would involve someone's Facebook Activity.

Case by Case sensitivity and Someone's FB account could help be a determining factor in the premeditation of Murder in some cases. 

This Petition is to teach children & teens within our communities that it is NOT ok to drive around shooting anybody for any reason. If they do, then they need to realize that there is always a record/post-trail of events that should never be tampered with or face the consequences for tampering with virtual evidence.

(Obstruction of Justice F5)


Thanks in advance!

Disgruntled Combat Veteran 

Nicole (Schuyler) Kapuscinski a.k.a. Activist Nikki 


This petition made change with 260 supporters!

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