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To the "Women Deliver" Org: You Must Apologize to the Suryanelli Gang Rape Victim

It was shocking that P.J. Kurien, an accused in one of India's most serious gang-rape and sex-trafficking cases (the Suryanelli case), was an invited speaker at international organization, "Women Deliver's" 2013 global conference on women's reproductive rights! But what is equally outrageous, is the statement the Women Deliver Org released after the event. In it they simply stated they were unaware.

CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT THE SURYANELLLI RAPE CASE AND ASK YOURSELF IF THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT BY WOMEN DELIVER WOULD BE ACCEPTABLE  IF YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNEW WAS THE VICTIM."We were unaware that Indian Parliamentarian PJ Kurien is facing allegations of rape. While we cannot comment on the specific allegations, had we known of the controversy, we would not have permitted PJ Kurian to speak at the side event. Addressing violence against women is central to our mission as an organization and one of the focus areas of this global conference."

The statement was casual and dismissive.  It made no apologies to the victim for the pain and humiliation they caused her. They offered no support and showed no empathy for the victim for the trauma she has been through or the trauma she continues to face from various sections as she continues to fight for justice. If this the way a global women's group treats a rape victim, what hope is there for legal and social change?

Letter to
Women Deliver
We want you to make an official apology to the Suryanelli gang rape Survivor for inviting the man she has identified as one of the 42 men who raped her while she was in captivity, to your 2013 women's global conference. The statement that you have released is unacceptable, for it shows no empathy, support or even consideration for the humiliation and pain that you have caused the victim. In fact in what you have done, you have re-victimized this victim who has already suffered humiliation and rejection from various quarters of society. But we will not allow a women's organization to show this kind of insensitivity and indifference towards a survivor!

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