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To the White House - the Dutch and the German Government: Put Wesley Clark on trial for his crimes, multiple kidnappings and very heinous torture


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My dad - Reinhold Komes - got kidnapped by Wesley Clark in 1992. I was forced to witness him getting very seriously tortured multiple times. Clark himself has violently tortured and cut up my dad in June of 1999 inside a hospital in Antwerp, Belgium and claims that this torture is what got him fired from his NATO job.

Clark also broke into my house multiple times and has kidnapped me in 2004.

Clark belongs on the electric chair.

You all are part of a criminal conspiracy to commit torture and a murder in the first degree if my dad does not come back.

I expect you to finally wake up and give back my dad and put Clark the criminal monster on trial. Getting fired at NATO is hardly good enough for the very long list of crimes that Clark has committed. Kidnapping, Torture and Murder does not have a statute of limitation and is certainly not legal anywhere.



This petition will be delivered to:
  • First Lady of the United States
    Michelle Obama
  • Attorney General of the US Department of Justice
    Eric Holder - responsible for FBI and CID who no longer understand US law
  • Bundesminister des Inneren - Interior Minister of Germany
    Peter Friedrich - liar who claims that the NSA would help to find kidnap victims when they do the op
  • Bundesverteidigunsminister - Defense Minister of Germany
    Thomas de Maizière - responsible for the German Army who aided with the torture
  • Former Queen of the Netherlands
    Beatrix of Orange - fully informed about the case
  • Secetary of Defense of the US
    Chuck Hagel - has acces to CIA files with Clarks lies
  • King of the Netherlands -admits that the AIVD aided with Clarks torture
    Willem-Alexander of Orange - looking for a mistress -
  • Queen of the Netherlands - claims to be clueless
    Maxima of Orange - lying worked so well for Papa Zorreguita
  • Former President of the US, while Clark was torturing
    Bill Clinton - "it must be Bushes fault..."
  • Former Secretary of Defense of the US
    Donald Rumsfeld - has admitted to know me during NATO summit in Prague
  • Secretary of State
    John Kerry (Secretary of State)
  • Bundeskanzlerin der BRD
    Angela Merkel - no response so far despite of hundreds of e-mails
  • Generalbundesanwalt BRD
    Harald Range - claims to be unable to read -
  • Entrepreneur
    Richard Branson - claims to mean well and drives Bill Clinton around in Germany
  • Kanzlerin der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
    Angela Merkel (CDU)
  • President of the United States
    Barack Obama
  • Secretary General of NATO
    Anders Fogh Rasmussen
  • Bundespräsident - President of Germany
    Joachim Gauck
  • Vice President of the US
    Joe Biden
  • Prime Minister and Minister of General Affairs of the Netherlands
    Mark Rutte
  • Minister of Security and Justice of the Netherlands, responsible for the corrupt police
    Ivo Opstelten
  • State Secretary (Vice Minister) of Security and Justice of the Netherlands
    Fred Teeven
  • Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations of the Netherlands
    Ronald Plasterk
  • Minister of Defence of the Netherlands
    Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert
  • United States Secretary of State
    John Kerry (United States Secretary of State)

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