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To the Walker Art Center management: Appeal to cancel the play

Appeal to Cancel the play


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We are writing this letter to let you know that we have received a number of complaints from Hindus that the obscene play (Ganesh versus the Third Reich) which denigrates and insults Hindu deities Lord "Ganesh” and Lord "Shiva" is scheduled to be shown in your esteemed theater from Jan. 31 to Feb. 2. This play had caused lot of anguish and had hurt the sentiments of Hindu community when it was screened in Melbourne, Australia last year.
There were widespread protests by Hindus and Hindu community leaders against this blatant disregard for Hindu sentiments in this play. In spite of promises given by the play director and the assistant director Alice Nash to remove the objectionable parts; the promises were not kept. Hence we are convinced that the play authorities were not really sensitive to the issues of Hindu community and that they are more interested in their own commercial implications.
Kindly find below, some of the objections in the play which upset the Hindu community.
Forum for Hindu Awakening' strongly believes that the very theme of this play is flawed; as it denigrates Hindu deities by humanizing them. The play uses descriptions of Hindu deities that are contrary to those in Hindu Scriptures.
Lord Ganesh is shown captured by the Nazis and is threatened by a knife.
Lord Ganesh is trivialized as He is shown talking about His relationship, where He ate and drank wine.
He is compared with fictitious comic characters such as ‘Spider-man’ and ‘King Kong’.
The character within the play (Brian) who plays Lord Ganesh, frequently takes off the Ganesh mask and utters obscenities like suck my d**k etc.
The play has an obscene innuendo surrounding Lord Ganesh, wherein one character asks another, whether the length of Lord Ganesh’s trunk is long enough, and the audience laugh.
A man with board shorts, no shirt and a garland plays Lord Vishnu in the play
Lord Shiva is portrayed in poor taste and there is a scene where he plucks a human being into two
I would also bring to your notice that a total of 13 Hindu organisations in Victoria state alone, in Australia were against this play and had strongly registered their protest. Please refer to the link below for details of the protests concerning this play.

Hindu Dharma (Hinduism) considers art as a means for universal upliftment of human values and a medium to merge in to the Divine. However this play cannot be termed as art if it tramples upon emotional sentiments of Hindus, in the name of entertainment of a few.
In view of the above facts, it is quite regrettable that the play is now being featured in your theater. We are sure, it will anger the Hindu brethren in USA, due to its content and utter disregard to sentiments of Hindus towards their revered deities Lord Ganesh and Lord Shiva. Hence, it our sincere request to you to please consider the cancelling of this play to avoid any further controversy.