Support Summer's Law, Improve CPS to prevent child neglect & abuse.

Support Summer's Law, Improve CPS to prevent child neglect & abuse.

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Started by Bobbie A Cattanese

Too many times, when a child goes missing, it's because of parental negligence and/or substance abuse within the home. When CPS is called and there is compelling evidence of neglect and/or abuse, urgent action is required. Summer Wells and her brothers were failed by the system that was put in place many years ago to protect them and all children. If CPS had acted promptly, Summer would not be a face on a missing poster now. 

When CPS takes months to investigate before taking action, the children suffer further harm and can lose their lives or go missing while waiting for someone to come to their rescue. Such as with Summer Wells and her siblings. There were multiple calls made to CPS and valid concerns expressed, yet no steps were put in place to save Summer or her brothers. Only after Summer Wells went missing did CPS take action and remove her three siblings from the toxic home environment. 

We desperately need to make laws tougher for negligent parents and hold CPS responsible for not acting promptly enough. If CPS is understaffed we must allocate the funds needed to rectify this situation immediately. I propose that we can spend less on weapons and foreign aid to help children right here in America. America's children remain the ones who inevitably suffer when we don’t take a stand for what is right and demand change.

We the people can make a difference for all children when we stand together. It is our responsibility to represent a voice for all children as they cannot represent themselves. It is time we come together and do the right thing for Summer and all the other children who have been betrayed by a flawed and broken system for far too long. One more child lost is one too many. It is time, we take a stand and demand change for the future. Collectively, we can make a difference in the lives of children all across America.

I need the help of anyone with personal expertise in any of these areas to please contact me and assist me to get this done. I have been successful before only because I surround myself with more knowledgeable people than myself . I will accept all the help I can obtain. Much appreciated, B. Cattanese 



10,859 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!