Stop PSBN (Presidency School Bangalore, North) from charging exorbitant transport fee

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This petition is similar to the one filed by Parents of PSBS (Presidency School Bangalore South), recently.

Presidency School Bangalore North (PSBN) has been raising annual, tuition and transport fee in an arbitrary manner every year, for the last several years.The last year's bus transport fee was hiked by 12.1% which was higher than that of similar schools in the area.

Unfortunately, this year again there has been a hike of approx 15% to 20% (across different slabs) making it one of the most expensive transport service provided by any school in the area. Until last year, all slabs (distance) of transport fee were published. But this year only the respective slab has been shared with parents. We doubt this non-transparent method was used to discretely push down unjustified fee hike down the throats of gullible parents.

Every year the reasons given are the same unprecedented changes in Indian economy due to government taxes and insurance payments. We all understand and are aware of the average rise in prices due to inflation and other reasons. However, such steep hike is unjustified!

Other schools in the area have marginally increased their transport fee eg. DPS north Bangalore hiked their transport fee by 6% . Almost all schools provide sibling discounts on their transport fee which is unheard of at PSBN.

PSBN already charges one of the highest transport fees in the area and their hikes too are the highest. The school never publishes the transport fee in advance when tuition and school fee are announced at the start of academic year. This year the transport fee was announced approx 3 months into the academic year when children had already started using the school bus service. This is an unfair practice that forces parents to use the same transport service. They never get sufficient time to decide if they indeed want to continue with the hiked transport service or even the school.

As we understand from the process defined by the education department, any fee hike has to be reviewed and approved by PTA(Parent & Teachers Association). However, no PTA exist for PSBN, so we doubt if all these hikes are even authorized.

The school has not responded to our emails requesting a re-look into the fee hike which speaks of their uncaring and obdurate attitude.

This petition is to seek Department of Education's support to STOP PSBN from resorting to unjustifiable fee hikes, primarily transportation. Even the admission and tuition fee hike should be justified as there is always a chance that they decrease one fee and increase the other.

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