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Bodnariu family from Norway

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I have read in the media that Marius and Ruth Bodnariu family from Norway, who is a Christian Penticostal family and raised their children with the Bible knowledge, have a huge problem. All the time they have been a peaceful family, never wanting to hurt anyone, at a certain moment, in school, one of their children was singing a christian song (during the break), the teacher heard the song, spoke to the school's head master and all the family ended arrested and treated like criminals, without the right to have a lawyer. They have been separated from each other, including the little baby from his mother, just because in some people's mind this family could be dangerous just because they are Christians. 

We would advise the Government to release this family immediately and meanwhile find out what are the beliefs of their church. As a safety measure, for the government and all those who suspect this family of anything evil, we could accept the family to be surveyed while the officials find out and make sure that is nothing wrong and dangerous about this family and their beliefs and afterwards release them immediately. 

We would appreciate if Bodnariu family will receive a compensation for their tribulation. 

We also appreciate that this case is going to be solved as soon as possible to the benefit of the family. 

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