Stop the abuse of Santorini Donkeys

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Donkeys in Santorini are whipped and tortured with rods and leather straps, shackled and dehydrated just to carry someone on their back for a holiday sensation. Every day, the donkeys of Santorini will make four to five times the 520 steps route following the path leading to the city of Fira, forced to travel 60 miles at a time. Those donkeys have to "work" almost 10 hours every day, during summer and winter, and this torture has been going on for decades. It begins at dawn when they take them out of the fields they spend in the night to "work" under temperatures that often exceed 30 degrees Celsius. The donkeys suffer from muscular, skeletal and arthritic problems due to the weight of the people carrying on their backs and the number of steps that go up. They are resistant animals and continue to do their "job" again and again until one morning they fall dead. The fact that they stand in line with their heads down, is a clear indication that they are suffering from stress. We demand from the Greek P.M. to end this torture immediately.