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Justice for Oksana Makar

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UPD: Oksana Makar died on Thursday, March 29 "She started bleeding from the lungs, and then there was a cardiac arrest. We did all the possible to save her life," - said Dr. Fistal. - "Our doctors detected the bleeding and have taken all the needed deeds. They managed the bleeding almost stopped, but then there was a cardiac arrest. The cardiopulmonary resuscitation was performed for 40 minutes, but, unfortunately, it didn't help. Oksana passed away."

 Call for Justice in Ukraine:

On the night of 9 to 10 March 2012 in the city of Mykolayiv three men lured Oksana Makar, 19 y.o., into an apartment of one of them. There they raped her. One of them strangled her and then raped her again thinking she was dead. They left her in a building under construction near the scene close to a fire, which caused severe burns of the 3rd and 4th degrees in 55% of her body . Despite being severely burned, Oksana Makar survived and is currently hospitalized in critical condition: with both feet and right arm amputated.

There are suspicions that the two of alleged suspects are from families with high social status and resources - in fact, they were released without bail. We are concerned that the law enforcement is not doing their job in regard of this serious incident and shows no interest in investigating the facts and bringing the perpetrators to justice.

UPD March 15th: Dear all! Please, follow the Petition Updates. Ukranian Citizens' protests and your support here make that the situation changes quickly.

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