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Return my Companion Dog to me.

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I am a 60-year-old woman, who was recently diagnosed with High Functioning Autism (Asperger's Syndrome). Eddie is my therapy/companion dog.

On May 13, due to circumstances beyond my control, I wound up going to the emergency room and was forced to hand the care of Eddie over to a near stranger who was about to leave for Ohio, but promised to bring him back to me on June 28 when she was to return for a hearing.

A sheriff's deputy, who was there, overheard the entire conversation and is willing to testify to the fact that she promised to return Eddie to me.

I got out of the hospital on June 1.

I texted her on June 2.

This young 'lady' told me that she had planned to keep Eddie all along and not bring him back to me.

"Byee! Move On! He's just a dog and you haven't even had him that long."
(Five years isn't "that long"?)

This is breaking my heart. Going this long without him has already been very hard on me. Never seeing Eddie again, would end me.

Eddie is a Jack Russel mix with a black saddle and tan underside. He has a small white blaze in the middle of his chest, a stub tail, and a green 'S' tattooed in his ear.

Eddie is quite portly, at 25 pounds. I tell people that he is big for his size.

He is VERY friendly. Bus drivers like him better than most passengers.
Eddie is a big hit in hospital emergency rooms until a baby comes in. He really doesn't understand that babies outrank him on the cuteness scale.

I called 24PetWatch several times, but no one had called about him, so I assumed that he had not been turned over to a legitimate shelter.

A nice young lady texted me on August 23, then texted the girl who supposedly had Eddie.
The little liar said she handed Eddie over to a shelter in the Tampa area in May.
I didn't believe her at first, until a volunteer from Lost Dogs Ohio, contacted her ex. He said that Cayla could not take Eddie on the Greyhound back to Ohio, so she left him in Tampa.

If she had told me that in June, I could have gotten to Eddie, but she got great joy in telling me that she would not be bringing him back.

As it turns out, Eddie was adopted out in June by the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. I don't know if I will be able to get him back, or even get to see him again.

The director of shelter services isn't doing much to help even though she admits that they never scanned Eddie for a chip. She claims to have emailed the people who have Eddie, to find out if they will let me see him, but says they haven't responded. I find it highly unlikely that they wouldn't even answer her. It is more likely that she is not even trying to help me get Eddie back.

I can only hope that the people who have Eddie can understand what it is like to loose such a wonderful dog under such terrible circumstances and, at the very least, let me see him.

This is a link to the transcript of the text thread that I had with this young "lady":

Please pass this info on.
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I am also in need legal help if anyone knows a kind attorney who is willing to help for little or no money.

I've lost so much in the past few years.
I can't lose Eddie too.

Thank you for caring.

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