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Implement a system that eliminates the practice of migratory beekeeping.

Honeybees are in decline.  We must protect them in every way possible and addressing the practices of the almond industry is imperative to this. Almond growers must put aside tracts of land and plant other forage for honeybees so they can REMAIN on the sites instead of having them hauled for miles by a practice that it highly dangerous to them. Many honeybees die needlessly during transit, stress is put upon the hives, and many beekeepers lose large percentages of thier  hives. Instead, migratory beekeepers should travel several time a year to check on their hives to the almond groves thus eliminating many dangers to the honeybees . Easier for the bees and the beekeepers and the almond growers will ensure that there will be many bees to pollinate their almonds.

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