Let Skal Public House Keep Their Patio Seating

Let Skal Public House Keep Their Patio Seating

February 3, 2022
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The Mt. Horeb, WI Village Board
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Dear Mt Horeb Village Board and CDA, 

We ask that you please let Skal Public House keep their patio seating and do not let businesses push them out of that space. It's a cute, useful and accessible dining area that many people in the town, and many tourists can and have enjoyed.

We ask you to lease it to them on a seasonal basis and consider putting any future changes regarding this patio portion of the alley way to a vote by the citizens of Mount Horeb. Please do not allow the business owners to make and inordinately influence this decision. It is too much power for businesses to have.

Considering Trail This, Sunn Cafe and The Grumpy Troll are not immediately near the patio portion of the alleyway, we ask that you minimize the power of their claim to the patio area.

Instead, we ask that you give the power to make this decision to the people, since it is a public alley way. Please listen to the people, who have taken the time to write and sign this petition. The town was asked if we wanted another pub just for us, and we said yes. So, we believe we should be asked now, as well. Especially when it comes to a business that the residents of the town enjoy so much.

We would also like it noted that the end of the alley (the patio side) is too small for semi-trucks to enter safely, as noted by the landlord, who mentioned UPS truck hit the wall, and both establishments have more than enough space for their own parking, and for their deliveries, as the petition writer noticed upon investigating the site.

According to camera footage, only 12 cars go down that alley regularly, and it doesn't even get plowed when it ought to be. We think it's reasonable to ask those 12 individuals to change their routes in order to have an outdoor dining space for those who live in and around Mt. Horeb, and especially for individuals with disabilities who find it difficult to sit in a potentially loud and busy restaurant.

The writer of the petition would like it noted that this patio is a great option for Autistic individuals, both children and adults, who want to be included in their community, but don't have many sensory-friendly options, or perhaps enough space for their service animals. It is also an accessible space for those who use wheelchairs, canes, and the elderly. This is a good use of this space.

Also, we, as a community would like it noted that we are seeing that The Grumpy Troll has a conflict of interest here- they have no real reason to object to the use of the alley, other than blatant dislike for the competitor or to diminish their sales, and both of those reasons are just unfair. And as good of neighbors as they wish to be, the neighbors can surely speak for themselves, and don't need The Grumpy Troll to do it for them. We would like The Village Board and the CDA to weigh their special interest and perceived power when considering this matter.

In conclusion, Skal Public House is an important part of this community. It is a place just for us Vikings. Unfortunately, if they lose this patio, they may lose their presence here in Mount Horeb, and we, the individuals who live here and those who visit from near and far, do not wish to see that happen. We also ask for more transparency from those who choose to own businesses in this town.

Thank you for your time.


This petition made change with 1,568 supporters!

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