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Remove All Memorials to Nazi Collaborators from Public & State Facilities

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PHOTO:  The plaque outside the lecture hall at Vytautas Magnus University (Kaunas), named for the Nazi puppet 'prime minister' of the 1941 provisional government,  Juozas Ambrazevicius-Brazaitis, who signed the order for Jews to be herded into a ghetto. This plaque is just one of many state-sponsored memorials in Lithuania, commemorating local Nazi collaborators.  For more, see:

To allow such memorials to remain would do grave and permanent damage to Lithuania's international reputation as a democratic nation, constitute an equally grave offense against the memory of the victims of the Lithuanian Holocaust, as well as its survivors, both in Lithuania and abroad, and insult the convictions of all proud Lithuanians who oppose the systemic whitewashing and so-called "correction" of Lithuanian Holocaust history.

As has put it:   “Lithuania has her magnificent real heroes of 1941: the inspirational people who saved an innocent neighbor from the LAF and Provisional Government’s reign of genocide, starting with the war’s first week. They are that year’s heroes of history, who should be honored. May their families live to see streets and squares named for them.”

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