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Dirigida a To the King and Ambassador of Spain

Stop the bullfighting culture in Spain.

To protect the bulls and live their life in peace. Torture has no place in the human society. If you are on the bull's shoes what will you do??? What will you think?? What will you feel if you are being tortured in front of the jeering crowd, and these matadors let them have another job. I know for sure these people can do many things on Spain's economy and it will be beneficial for both parties: for the bull they will be able to live in peace and for the matadors they wont be gored anymore though often times I wished that these matadors are gored to death too because they torture the bull. I love Spain but I dislike bullfighting. Torture and art are two different things. Let us act like civilized people. We are past the barbaric age now.

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  • To the King and Ambassador of Spain

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