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Close Down Indonesian Dolphin Traveling Circus

While in February 2012 scientists have proven that the intelligence of dolphins is at such level that they should be provided human rights, in Indonesia, dolphins that have been captured illegally from the java sea, from karimun jawa national park, continue to be exploited for a dolphin travel show..

It is important that we get as many signitures as possible in order to show the Indonesian Government that both the international community as well as local Indonesian community care for the beauty of nature and that we show the love for these beautiful creatures.

This is our childrens future and we must take care of all the creatures of the World,all living creatures.

We travel together, passengers on a little spaceship, dependent upon its vulnerable reserves of air and soil, all committed for our safety to its security and peace, preserved from annihilation only by the care, the work, and I will say the love we give our fragile craft. We cannot maintain it half-fortunate, half-miserable, and half-free in the liberation of resources undreamed of until this day. No craft, no crew can travel safely with such vast contradictions. On their resolution depends the survival of us all."

- Adlai Stevenson

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