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Please Place These Muzzle-Loading Pistols on the Same License as the Muzzle-Loading Long Guns.

Keith Burgess
Armidale, Australia

Oct 13, 2018 — 

Single Barrel Muzzle-Loading Pistol. FACTS.

1)      Only one shot, NOT multiple shots. After the first shot this pistol was only of any use as a small club!

2)    You have to make your own ammunition; this is NOT a cartridge gun!

3)    These pistols are slow to load as they must be loaded from the muzzle of the gun.

4)   Flintlocks require a piece of flint or other siliceous ROCK for the ignition.  This can make the firing of this gun unreliable.

5)    Wheelocks require a piece of iron pyrite rock for ignition. The lock has to be wound up with a key like an old clock.

6)   The matchlock required a length of smouldering match cord for its ignition. This gun is very slow to load, & you cannot carry it concealed with the burning match!

7)    Smoothbore muzzle-loading pistols are not very accurate, some have only a front sight, and others have no sights at all. These pistols were only ever of any use in self defence up close.

8)    These pistols were of little use in the rain, if the powder got wet or the hammer/frizzen got wet, if the rock got wet or if the match cord was extinguished, these guns will not fire!  

9)   In order to use one of these primitive pistols it requires some knowledge & skill. Not just anyone can pick one of these guns up & use it. In its day it was the best to be had, but today it is far easier to use a modern gun. No criminal would ever bother with using a muzzle-loading pistol, it is far easier to make a simple shotgun from plumber’s water pipe or cut down a modern firearm to use as a pistol. Placing these guns on a restricted license has no basis in public safety. If a criminal wanted to purchase an antique muzzle-loading pistol, he/she can do so without the need of a license or permit to purchase. The only people who cannot use these guns because of legal restrictions are law abiding citizens, because criminals DO NOT obey the laws!!!

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