muzzle-loading pistols to be placed on a less restrictive licence

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Many members of the firearms community prefer to use primitive traditional muzzle-loading guns, rifles & pistols for feral pest control, living history activities & historical reenactment.

These muzzle-loading guns are not the same as modern firearms, they are for the most part single shot, slow to load, & require a person with experience to be able to make them work. Even then, ignition is not guaranteed due to the primitive nature of this firearm. For this reason these guns are of no use to criminals. Any criminal wishing to use a concealable gun can easily cut down/shorten a modern breech-loading rifle or shotgun.

At present these primitive arms can only be obtained on an H class licence which restricts their use to a pistol range. They can not be used for living history purposes or for historical reenactments. I would like to see these muzzle-loading pistols placed on a less restrictive licence.