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to amend the current “Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act”

THE PETITION OF THE UNDERSIGNED RESIDENTS OF THE PROVINCE OF NEW BRUNSWICK, HUMBLY SHEWETH and urge the Honorable Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick to amend the current “Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act”.

We strongly feel our current SPCA Act is inadequate and not offering effective protection for the animals in our province.

Our recommendations are:
1. To Prohibit 24/7 chaining/tethering of companion animals, regulate the conditions during their allowed outdoor time for the well being and safety of the dog and the public.
2. To increase minimum standards of care.
3. Telewarrant for entry into dwellings under certain circumstances. Some animals in distress cannot wait 2 to 4 days for their rescue, it might be too late.
4. Animal Protection Officers may request person in dwelling to produce animal for inspection.
5. Pre-judgment forfeiture of animal if owner is unfit – animal may be harmed if returned.
6. Mandatory Seizure of mistreated animals.
7. Mandatory restriction on future ownership or possession of animals on a conviction (first offence), for a period of no less than five (5) years.
8. Mandatory reporting of suspected animal cruelty by Veterinarians / select non-animal related agencies.
9. To Increase the minimum fines of Para.18 and 19 of the SPCA Act, to a minimum of $1,000.00; and to increase the maximum fines of Para. 19 of the SPCA Act.

Only through stronger legislation that allows for prosecution of animal cruelty and neglect, will New Brunswick be a just and compassionate Province. WHEREOF YOUR PETITIONER HUMBLY PRAYS THAT YOUR HONORABLE HOUSE MAY BE PLEASED to work towards stronger protection for our companion animals, AND AS IN DUTY BOUND YOUR PETITIONER WILL EVER PRAY.

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  • NB Minister of Environment
    Danny Soucy

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