Save Our British Monuments and Statues

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History is history, the good and the bad, it cannot be changed by erasing anything that depicts the reality of that time, wether it be a film, a painting, a statue. 

We must protect our British history and heritage, we cannot let it be torn down, dumped in rivers or removed and hidden. Our British history is rich and inspiring, we have a lot to be proud of, and for the bits that were bad, we can learn from.

We are seeing a minority group of extremists trying to remove our monuments and statues. Many of them do not even know who these historical figures are and have no idea why they want them removed, they are just acting like sheep, jumping on the bandwagon of hate.

The Robert Milligan statue in East London has already been removed without the consultation of the public and the Edward Colston statue in Bristol was torn down and thrown in the harbour despite the fact this went directly against the council's decision and so was in fact a criminal act, however Avon and Somerset Police said a they decided not to intervene. 

We are living in a democratic nation with a Tory government yet we are being dictated to by the likes of Sadiq Khan and far-left extremists and communist movements. We should not be dictated to, these people, and they are a minority, should not be the only ones to have a voice, the media and social media is completely biased and enough is enough.

I feel lucky to have been born in Britain, I am proud to be British and I want to protect the statues, monuments and art that shape the landscape of our great nation, they tell the stories of the past, they should be preserved, so please, join me in asking the government to intervene and to not allow our history and heritage be taken away from us.