Hand EDEN over to the rescue EL Rancho Les Canailles and let her live

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French Pitbull EDEN faces same fate as Wicca

EDEN is a Pitbull mix living in France. We have Breed Specific Laws and she is considered as the most dangerous sort of dog that ever existed because she is a Pit mix. EDEN's owner respected every possible law: microchipped, spayed, got the shot against rabies, insurance, everything is OK, declared to the City Administration. Eden has never bitten neither human nor animal.

EDEN was taken away from her loving family after having been stabbed by a neighbour with a farmer's fork. This neighbour pretends that she attacked his dog. But an inspector of the Brigitte Bardot Foundation (a large French animal protection association), who has seen the dog, could not find any evidence of a dog's bite on the whole body!

The police officer who took EDEN away and into an Animal Control Center insists that she has to loose her life (i.e. be euthanized). But according to the French legislation, it is the Mayor who decides whether to grant the right to live when a dog has bitten. And the Mayor gave a written order that a well known and experienced rescue, El Rancho Les Canailles, specialised in BSL-breeds and all other breeds of huge dogs, stating that the rescue is to take EDEN and bring her to their shelter.

According to French laws, a behaviour test has to be done after a dog's bite. You will remember that EDEN was hurt, torn away from her loving family and put in a small cage in an ACC with the noise of barking and its smell of frightened dogs all around. So she was somewhat growly during the test (which we can all understand, I guess), but showed not aggression towards the vet at all! She got a 2 out of 4, which means she represents a slight risk. According to the law, only dogs with a 4 may be sentenced to death.

Despite everything being alright according to the laws, the police officer is pushing hard for EDEN to be put down. He has no legal argument in this case at all!

We ask that the Mayor’s decision to give EDEN to the rescue El Rancho Les Canailles be respected, so that Eden can leave this Animal Control Center alive.


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