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Divest Dirty Salmon

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Alexandra Morton started this petition to The citizens of Norway and

Dear Norway,

You divested from dirty oil and coal earlier this year.  Thank you! Now it is time to divest from dirty salmon, your industry is too big now to be using our oceans as an open sewer.

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Canadians and Norwegians love wild salmon, but Norwegian salmon farms are one of the greatest threats to this magnificent fish in both our countries.

 I am a Canadian biologist who studied whales until your salmon farming industry moved in: Marine Harvest, Cermaq and Grieg. Now I study sea lice and farmed salmon viruses.

As I follow your news on the escape of rainbow trout into Norway’s fjords, I see we have become mirror images of the same industrial disaster.   Diseased American trout threaten Norway’s wild salmon, while diseased Atlantic farm salmon threaten Canada’s wild salmon.  Why would we do this?

The world has noticed that salmon farming is a dirty industry. People are increasingly afraid to eat farmed salmon due to toxins. I described the salmon-farming nightmare on 60 Minutes.  Bloomberg, the world’s leading business publication, reports on "Why You'll Never Want to Eat Farm-Raised Salmon."

The relationship between your salmon farmers and both our governments is disturbing. Norway,  world champion for social responsibility, actually convinced the EU to permit 10xs more endosulfan in farmed salmon feed to increase profitability. This is one of the most dangerous pesticides banned in most parts of the world because of the horrific damage it does to babies!  Is this really the same Norway, who chooses the Nobel Peace Prize laureates to reward the highest moral behavior?

Meanwhile, in Canada laws are being rewritten to legalize release of sea lice chemicals that kill wild fish, transfer of diseased farmed salmon into wild salmon habitat, ownership of salmon in Canadian waters, and 9-year licences.  This is madness.Our countries are failing to live up to our standards.  Salmon farming was born in Norway, but they use Canada to satisfy their shareholders.  Norway just divested from dirty oil, (thank you Norway) perhaps it is time to divest from dirty salmon?

Please tell your politicians salmon farms are feedlots, they belong on land. The salmon farmers need help learning how to grow up and behave responsibly. Wild salmon are a gift we will not be given twice. Will we rob our children of clean food?  Please stop this industry before a devastating virus destroys the last wild salmon.  Viral pollution is unforgiveable and our children will not understand why we did this to them.

 Alexandra Morton







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This petition had 10,394 supporters

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