Senapati District Hospital needs TrueNat machine

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Senapati District Hospital Need a TrueNat machine

We sincerely request our honourable Chief Minister of Manipur, Dr. Lorho, MP, Shri. Losii Dikho, PHED, Printing and Stationery, Minister, Shri. N.Kayisii, Tribal and Hill Areas Development, Fisheries, MInister and Shri.DD Thaisii, MLA to install Truenat machine at Senapati District Hospital. 

Currently, there are about 1690 returnees in Senapati. With the incoming of stranded citizens, the proper place for institutional quarantining is a matter of great concern. The long days of waiting for the returnees to get their swab test result in the transitional quarantine centres could infect and spread virus within the inmates. It is to mention that most of the villages in Senapati Districts have prepared quarantine centres to host the returnees. Therefore, it is observed that there is an urgent need to speed up the swab test and send returnees with negative results to their village quarantine centre.

We bring to your honourable table the following points signed by more than 1300 citizens in less than 48 hours for your benign urgent perusal and further necessary action. The large number of people signed within a short period of time shows the urgent need to install Truenat machine in the District Hospital, Senapati.

1.         That, we appeal you to urgently set up a Covid19 testing Unit in District Hospital, Senapati starting with TrueNat testing facility to speed up the swab test of those returnees. As the experts opined that the TrueNat Testing machine can be used to test over 30 disease condition including TB, malaria, typhoid, HIV, Covid19 etc. Therefore, taking up this step will be a landmark history of Manipur in particularly for the people of Senapati District.

2.         That, we also appeal you to provide Ambulances to transport the sick patients and other emergency patients to the District Hospital or Imphal.

3.         That, we also appeal you to set up an emergency treatment facility having isolation ward with ICU facilities in the district hospital.

4.         That we also appeal to install TrueNat Testing facilities in all the PHCs of Senapati District.

We pray that the above points 1-3 may be taken up on priority basis pooling in resources from fund such as MLA-LADP, MP-LADS, Disaster Management Relief Fund or from any other fund to meet the immediate needs. We repose our trust that all the points that we have mentioned here through this humble representation will receive your kindest attention and prompt action.

As concerned citizen we are willing to mobilize for crowd funding so as to support the immediate need of the District in our own capacities.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. R.B. Thohe Pou

Senapati, Manipur 


Copy to:

1.         Dr. Lohro S. Pfoze, Hon’ble MP, Outer ManipurLokSabha A/C.

2.         Shri Kayisii, Hon’ble Minister Tribal and Hill Areas and Fisheries, Manipur.

3.         Shri L. Dikho Mao, Hon'ble Minister PHED/Printing and Stationery, Manipur.

4.         Shri D.D. Thaisii, Hon’ble MLA, Karong AC, Manipur.

5.         Shri Shri A. Kapani, Hon’ble Chairman, MNADC, Senapati, Manipur.                   

6.         Smt. Lalithambigai K, IAS, Deputy Commissioner, Senapati.

7.         Shri Pfokrehrii Pfoze, Chief Medical Officer, District Hospital, Senapati.


We implore that our Hon’ble elected leaders and respected leaders for their timely intervention for the timely realization of the aforementioned genuine matters.


Special Information to: 

1.         The President, Naga People’s Organisation, Senapati.

2.         The President, Senapati District Women Association, Senapati,

3.         The President, Senapati District Students’ Association.


We urge upon our respected Apex Civil Society Organisations to closely pursue the matter with the government for the timely realization of the aforementioned genuine matters.


4.         All the Churches in Senapati.


We pray that our Church leaders will support in prayers mobilization and contribution in case the need for this collective venture arises.


Some of the information about Truenat in Senapati District Hospital is given below: 

1. Is this TrueNat for testing only Covid19 or can we also use for testing other diseases?

TrueNat actually can test over 30 disease condition including TB (the machine is known for this and is recommended by WHO), H1N1, malaria, influenza, HIV etc. It just needs to change the test kit. The machine will remain the same to test any if these disease 

2. What is the cost of the Truenat machine?
Cost will depend on the size of the machine. The machine is categorized ad Uno, duo and quattro or simple 1, 2 and 4 channel.. according to no. of test done at a time. The price ranges from 5 lacs to 19 lacs. The test kit for COVID19 is about Rs. 1340 each.

3. Which channel machine do our district needs? What's your suggestion?

Immediate need is the 4 channel. So that we can test many people as fast as possible. But the cost may be too high. A two channels machine will be the best for Senapati District Hospital. It is informed that the central govt. has procured many devices that will be distributed to states under NTEP (national TB elimination program)

If our govt. or the district already have the truenat machine, we need to only procure the COVID19 chips. This needs to be established with the TB program officers in the district.

4. How long time it may take to procure this machine?

This is an issue. All the state govts. are after the company molbio diagnostics to sell them the machines. This is the only company that makes the machine and the test kits. The wait time is quite long.

I will have to request the people in the company to expedite the process if we are buying one. But I will be able to approach them only when we are certain to buy one.

5. Do we have the manpower or technicians to run this machine?

The machine is very simple and easy to use. Anyone can actually ran the machine. We certainly have lab technicians in district hospital. With a training for a day, they will be able to use it.

The machine does not require any special environment to function. A strong table to keep the machine os all it needs. It is portable as it is battery operated. Which means it can function even when there is no electricity. Once the electricity is there, the machine will be recharged.

Here we have some basic information about the Truenat and we would like to update more information in case we are going to procure the machine. We need to sensitize our politicians, leaders and the common people about the need to have TrueNat machine in Senapati District Hospital.

No only in Senapati District Hospital, TrueNat machine needs to be installed in all the district hospital and also in all the Primary Health Center and sub-centre

Please share this information with your local politicians, CSO leaders and all the public. It is our common people rights to have some basic medical facilities.

Yours sincerely,
Dr. R.B. Thohe Pou

Senapati, Manipur

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