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Petitioning To: The 3-person board of Alley Cat Guardians

Give Alley Cat Guardians back to the cats and the people dedicated to them!

Sign this petition to save Alley Cat Guardians! This organization is floundering under the current board of directors and Alley Cat Guardians should immediately be given back to the people who originally built it up and who can now rebuild it.

Up until July of 2011, Alley Cat Guardians was a thriving non-profit dedicated to ending cat overpopulation by Trap-Neuter-Return in the greater Stanislaus County, California area. There were dozens of volunteers who ran a Trap-Neuter-Return program, an adoption program, a robust fundraising effort, and a very low cost spay/neuter clinic for cats. The clinic goal was to fix 5,000 cats the first year and increase that number yearly, while making fees as close to zero as possible by subsidizing the clinic with fundraising. 

A new board of directors hired a clinic veterinarian for a very high salary and also unwisely made her the executive director of Alley Cat Guardians. The problems with the organization now are the following:

• The new vet dislikes feral cats and volunteers, and prefers dogs.
• The board allowed the vet to discontinue the Trap-Neuter-Return and adoption programs for cats, and add services for dogs. This was done even though the need for services for cats has been increasing due to the housing crisis.
• The board and the vet have poor people skills and have alienated almost all volunteers and donors.
• The clinic is the only remaining part of the organization and it is run more like a business than a non-profit. The only people running it are people who are paid to be there.
• The board and executive director have failed to sufficiently fundraise and advertise services for cats, and have chosen to repeatedly increase and add fees to the public instead.
• The board is allowing the vet to commandeer the assets of Alley Cat Guardians to use as her pseudo-private practice.
• The board has refused large donations from donors who wish to specify the money to be used for cats.
• The board has repeatedly violated the organization’s bylaws and changed bylaws for the sole purpose of keeping themselves in power. They have banished anyone with dissenting opinions.
• The board is changing the mission of the organization not because the mission has been accomplished, but because it requires too much effort on their parts to work on the original intended mission of the organization.

Tell the 3 person board of Alley Cat Guardians: Stop clinging to power and give the organization back to the people who can rebuild it and rededicate it to the original mission.

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  • To: The 3-person board of Alley Cat Guardians

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