Confirmed victory

****************SMDC HAS VOWED TO SAVE THE HALL!! *******************

 This is one of the best performance halls in the entire Philippines and must be saved. It has some of the best acoustics for Manila's orchestras, choirs, and solo musical artists and its destruction would be a gigantic loss for Filipino culture and heritage.

We must stand together to protect this, our most acoustically 'sound' performance venue.  Let us make this one of the biggest uprisings Manila has seen.  NO TO PHILAM'S DESTRUCTION!

Thank you very much.


Letter to
SMDC: The new owner of Philam Theater on United Nations Avenue
Please help the Filipino cultural heritage and future by saving the Philam Theater from being destroyed. While we understand that no official statement has been made alluding to any imminent demolition, we want to be proactive in informing you of the immense value of the theater in the local community.

While no official statement has been made to imply a demolition, various articles have circulated talking about its possibility. The many people whose names are on this petition have all been deeply affected by the news that the theater might face such possible risk.

Manila has for the last five decades thrived with musicians who all call Philam a significant home for their expression and performance. Removal of this central structure in Manila's cultural scene would be tantamount to giving a huge blow to the Filipino spirit and would only help the Filipino artist to be swept down a slippery slope toward a Manila that has no interest in Filipino creativity and expression.


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