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To serve the memory of Troy Davis with an eternal search for the Truth.

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Tonight, extensive reasonable doubt existed. Proponents for the death penalty said they evidence was over whelming and irrefutable. The infamous Ann Coulter coined her reflections as "COP-KILLER IS MEDIA'S LATEST BABY SEAL"

But Ann cited no background for her contentions and was oblivious to the fact that her coin of phrase actually infers that it is ok to execute someone Ann Coulter thinks to allegorically refer to as a Baby Seal equivalent.

We must make them ashamed for murdering Troy Davis. To do so a full review of the case and facts shall be posted online by me. The great tyrannical powers that be in Georgia have taken the step across the line of decency for the sake of their incesant rush to indulge in blood lust.

None of the original investigators ever questioned the Pastor who drove Troy Davis for 4 hours from Atlanta to Savanah, to turn himself in. Wonder Why - so do I?

To tyranny, cronyism, corruption and blood lust
speak the Truth and seek the Truth - every way you can!

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