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Petitioning New York City Council, District 33 New York City Councilman Steve Levin

To reveal AIR QUALITY TEST RESULTS of the current demolition of the DOMINO SUGAR REFINERY

On April 8th 2013, local residents filmed asbestos abatement occurring at the Domino Sugar Refinery.  The video, shows potentially illegal procedure of asbestos abatement creating hazardous conditions in the neighborhood.  We request proof by making the test results of air quality to be made public.   We also request a community meeting to discuss this matter.

Letter to
New York City Council, District 33 New York City Councilman Steve Levin

Public health crisis of innocent residents, tourists, and working class of the greatest city in the world.

Toxic Asbestos Abatement of the Domino Sugar Refinery
KENT AVENUE: 292-314
South 2nd STREET: 2 - 28
South 3rd STREET: 3 - 15
Brooklyn, New York 11249

The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) supports the people of Brooklyn, New York as they exercise their constitutional right of transparency by requesting action from representative City Councilman Steve Levin of District 33, Brooklyn, New York.

Brooklyn residents are concerned that the asbestos abatement currently taking place at the historic Domino Sugar Refinery is hazardous to the community’s health and safety. The consequences of asbestos exposure are serious, as it compromises the health, environment, and air quality of all residents, tourists, and working class of this great city.

We the people demand the following:

Town hall meeting with the developer, local government, and citizens of New York to discuss results of air quality records and violations

Air quality records & results provided by Emteque and/or other outside third party environmental agency

A better understanding of the term “clean air standard”

All violations collected from DEP, DOL, EPA, and OSHA

Pay all applicable civil penalties

Complete demolition schedule of the Domino Sugar Refinery

According to the World Health Organization and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), all forms of asbestos are carcinogenic to humans, and unsafe at any level of exposure. Despite these facts, current U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Regina Benjamin has warned of its hazards, asbestos continues to be imported to the U.S., as documented by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). In the U.S., 10,000 people die every year from asbestos exposure, equaling 30 deaths a day. The U.S. needs to ban asbestos.

According to the EPA , “If the asbestos-containing material is more than slightly damaged or could be disturbed, there are two types of actions that can be taken by trained and accredited asbestos professionals: repair and removal. Improper removal may actually increase your and your family’s exposure to asbestos fibers.”

Our nation's infrastructure is aging, and wherever there are old factories, there is typically asbestos. Asbestos fibers are released into the air when asbestos materials are disturbed during repairs, renovations, or demolition, and the removal of the asbestos in an improper manner can result in devastation for workers and the community.

Protect the health of New York City by ensuring that proper asbestos abatement is being done in accordance with EPA and OSHA regulations and laws.

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